How Long Does An Asphalt Roof Last?

How Long Should Your Roof Last?

How long your roof lasts depends on what the roof is made of, how its constructed, and the climate you live in. Here in the Northeast we feel all 4 seasons and so does your roof.

Nearly 80% of the homes in North America have asphalt shingles. An older style constructed roof will typically last 12-15 years. However, not all asphalt shingles have such a short lifespan. Newly constructed roofing materials can increase the lifespan of your roof from 30-50 years.

3-Tab Shingled Roof

These shingles are referred to as 3-Tab because they are made up of three individual tabs that are 12″ wide. Most warranties for 3-Tab Asphalt roofs are for 12-15 years.

  • Lifespan  12 – 15 years
  • Wind Proofing – 60 mph

Architectural Shingled Roof

While first being introduced in the 1970’s, architectural are the better option for homeowners who want to expand their roofs life-expectancy. These shingles are actually two asphalt shingle strips that have been laminated together. The tabs on these roofing shingles vary in widths and have slightly different shades of color to give a more dimensional appearance. Generally architectural roofs will last well over 30 years as they are constructed to better withstand the elements.

Architectural shingles last 50 years

  • Lifespan  30 – 50 years
  • Wind Proofing 130 mph 

New Homeowners

If you’ve recently moved into a new home its important to find out when the roof was last replaced. Take into consideration the materials used and the construction of your roof and decide if its worth receiving an estimate to replace it.

Check for signs of an aging roof that needs to be replaced:

  • Bald spots where granules are missing.
  • Cracked shingles.
  • The roof just looks old and worn.
  • Moss.
  • Black streaks.
  • Curled shingle edges.

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