Replacing Your Home Windows: Winter Edition

Replacing Your Windows During The Winter

One of the biggest misconceptions for homeowners is that replacing your homes windows is generally best to do during warmer months. There are benefits with choosing to replace your homes windows in any month regardless of the temperature outside.

During winter, brisk and chilly temperatures make it easy to find the defects in faulty or old windows. The drafts coming from seals, cracks, and poorly insulated windows seem to be magnified the most during cold weather. Deciding to replace your windows is a decision that should be made based solely on their condition. Temporary DIY solutions such as weather stripping or putty only prolong your window issues. Read more

List Of The Best/Worst Window Warranty Exclusions


Best Window Warranty Green star Exteriors

Do You Really Have The Best Window Warranty?

We speak with thousands of homeowners here in the Greater Philadelphia area about replacement products for their home. As a homeowner a warranty should be something you can rely on, not just reel you in. You should always take the time to review the fine print and ask the proper questions. At Green Star Exteriors, we keep our warranties simple. You can find out exactly what we offer homeowners here.

Below is a list of the “fine print” that dozens of window manufacturers and installers cite in their warranties. Rather than list the companies who have chosen to include these points in their own warranties, we’ve decided to keep their information confidential. If you happen to have your window installer’s warranty information on hand, it’s probably a good time to see what’s actually in it. Read more

When To Repair, When To Replace Home Windows

The modern solution for faulty home windows seems to be weighted in favor of replacing, rather than repairing them. Typically it is more cost effective to update and replace your windows if they are older than 20 years. Vast improvements in the manufacturing process make it ideal for homeowners to get better quality and function at a lower price, rather than repair an older window that will keep draining your pockets.

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Planning Ahead

If you’re planning ahead to update some of the exterior problem areas of your home, winter and spring are a perfect time to figure out what exactly needs to be done.

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Take notice of drafty windows. During the winter you can easily detect problems with insulation and rotting wood around the windows and even inside the window. Older homes are more likely to have little to no insulation at all around the window. Feel for drafts that seem to be coming out of the wall rather than the window. You may even decide that your windows are simply outdated and need an upgrade. Read more