Replacing Your Home Windows: Winter Edition

Replacing Your Windows During The Winter

One of the biggest misconceptions for homeowners is that replacing your homes windows is generally best to do during warmer months. There are benefits with choosing to replace your homes windows in any month regardless of the temperature outside.

During winter, brisk and chilly temperatures make it easy to find the defects in faulty or old windows. The drafts coming from seals, cracks, and poorly insulated windows seem to be magnified the most during cold weather. Deciding to replace your windows is a decision that should be made based solely on their condition. Temporary DIY solutions such as weather stripping or putty only prolong your window issues. Read more

Green Star Exteriors Business Awards – 2018


Philadelphia PA,  Green Star Exteriors was
recently recognized as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur
magazine’s Entrepreneur360™ List, a premier study delivering the most comprehensive analysis
of private companies in America. Based on this study forged by Entrepreneur, Green Star Exteriors is
recognized as a well-rounded company that has mastered a balance of impact, innovation, growth
leadership and value. Read more

Student Loan Debt, Careers After Graduation

Job Openings Philadelphia
Student Loan Debt: Entry Level Careers After Graduation

Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is on the forefront of every millennial’s mind. Finding a job to help pay off their debt seems impossible, sometimes unimaginable. Here at Green Star, we don’t agree with restricting our employees potential. We offer an entry level income that’s one of the highest in the region because we believe in our employees. Read more

When To Repair, When To Replace Home Windows

The modern solution for faulty home windows seems to be weighted in favor of replacing, rather than repairing them. Typically it is more cost effective to update and replace your windows if they are older than 20 years. Vast improvements in the manufacturing process make it ideal for homeowners to get better quality and function at a lower price, rather than repair an older window that will keep draining your pockets.

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