Planning Ahead

If you’re planning ahead to update some of the exterior problem areas of your home, winter and spring are a perfect time to figure out what exactly needs to be done.

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Take notice of drafty windows. During the winter you can easily detect problems with insulation and rotting wood around the windows and even inside the window. Older homes are more likely to have little to no insulation at all around the window. Feel for drafts that seem to be coming out of the wall rather than the window. You may even decide that your windows are simply outdated and need an upgrade.

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When spring arrives you may notice discoloration, cracks, and splitting with the roof of a home. Ice build up throughout the winter can cause this to happen when the temperature starts to warm and the asphalt shingles start to expand. If you have a noticeable leak in your roof, then you have one of the most obvious signs that you either have “shotty” roof work or an outdated roof. Spring is the perfect opportunity to beat the rush of homeowners who more than likely will wait until the fall to act.

If you’ve been putting off some long over-due updates for your home, it’s time to give us a call.