When To Repair, When To Replace Home Windows

The modern solution for faulty home windows seems to be weighted in favor of replacing, rather than repairing them. Typically it is more cost effective to update and replace your windows if they are older than 20 years. Vast improvements in the manufacturing process make it ideal for homeowners to get better quality and function at a lower price, rather than repair an older window that will keep draining your pockets.

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Planning Ahead

If you’re planning ahead to update some of the exterior problem areas of your home, winter and spring are a perfect time to figure out what exactly needs to be done.

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Take notice of drafty windows. During the winter you can easily detect problems with insulation and rotting wood around the windows and even inside the window. Older homes are more likely to have little to no insulation at all around the window. Feel for drafts that seem to be coming out of the wall rather than the window. You may even decide that your windows are simply outdated and need an upgrade. Read more